Sarah Reinbold (1993) is a German artist currently living and working in Utrecht, the Netherlands. She grew up north of Bavaria, Germany and moved to the Netherlands to study Fine Art at HKU in Utrecht where she graduated in July 2019. Since then Sarah’s works are all part of the continuously growing installation called “Zwischen Hier und Dort” which origin can be found in the confrontation with loss and grief she’s been enduring. Sarah is always searching for memories from the past. Besides that she is trying to grasp what the present or even future could have looked like.

Sarah’s installations mostly consist of several sculptures that can be recognized as daily objects, only deformed, in combination with colorful abstract shapes which she refers to as feelings. The bright colors remind her of certain attributes of her childhood. The fragile sculptures are a reflection of nostalgia and homesickness. Sarah chooses ceramics and plaster as her main media, materials which are easily breakable hence represent the essence of her work the best way possible.